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"Kitchen Window": The Stories Behind My Paintings

This is a very special painting to me.

As I sat at my easel, brush in hand, I couldn't help but be transported back to a simpler time, to the backyard of my childhood home where the hollyhocks my grandfather planted bloomed. Each graceful stem, each vibrant petal, seemed to whisper a story of nostalgia and love as I delicately brought them to life on paper with my watercolors. These flowers were more than just subjects for my painting; they were a cherished memory from my past that I longed to capture and preserve.

I remember the days when I was just a little girl, playing in the backyard with my friends and siblings. I remember the backyard birthday parties and family gatherings. I remember the laughter from the kitchen that looked out over the backyard. So many memories!

The hollyhocks stood tall and proud through so much of those memories, their colorful blooms swaying gently in the breeze, creating a sense of peace and serenity that I carry with me to this day. With each stroke of my brush, I felt a deep connection to my heritage, to the roots that anchor me to my past and guide me in my artistic journey.

Painting these hollyhocks was more than just an artistic endeavor; it was a tribute to my grandfather, my parents, the innocence of childhood, and to the beauty that can be found in simple moments. As I added the final touches to the painting, I knew that I had captured not just the image of the flowers, but the essence of the memories and emotions they held for me. In that fleeting moment, as I stepped back and admired my work, I felt a sense of peace and fulfillment knowing that a piece of my heart now lived on in my art.


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